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BMX Bicycle Stunt Shows for Schools

Listed Below Are Serious Topics that Our BMX Stunt Team Can Provide at Your BMX Stunt Show School Assembly…

– In Depth , Real World , Drug and Alcohol Awareness Speech and Information

– Health Awareness / Fitness Awareness

– Anti Bullying / Online Bullying and Safety

– Self Esteem / Confidence Building – Real World Success Stories

– BMX Bike Safety and Extreme Sports Safety

Our single BMX bike stunt shows for school assemblies, typically run anywhere from 30 minutes to upwards of an hour long(depending on show dynamics), as we are very thorough and sincere in communicating and connecting our positive messages to our up and coming generations.

Our youth is our future.

Our BMX Bike Stunt Shows may also include-

  • Free raffle for students*
  • Free information and resources
  • Free autographs and stickers
  • Free Giveaways*

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